Catering services

We pride ourselves on freshly prepared foods and superior customer service. Whether it’s a wedding catering, graduation party or private event for a small group, we at Levant Catering will help you to ensure your event is a memorable one and let you celebrate with ease!


We are also the option if you need catering services for companies and company events. Our praised catering service provides you fresh Middle Eastern flavours with solid experience and smiling service 🙂


Our knowledge and experience in Middle Eastern-Mediterranean food will make your choice of Levant Catering an exceptional one.

Our catering services are mainly available in the area of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

Price of the catering is defined by selection of dishes and amount of persons.


Whether you select simple or elegant menu items, your party will be an event to remember. Or let us design a menu just for you.

We at Levant Catering can customize a menu for any event or budget. Remember that our web page provides just a perception of what we do indeed, as we very much enjoy designing menus around your ideas, your budget and your personal recipes.

You’ll find examples of our dishes below.  We are also known for vegan and vegetarian catering. Let us know your wishes and together we can plan the perfect menu for your event!


Syriana catering and Levant restaurants are known for the various meze dishes prepared according to the home recipe. These dishes you can find in our restaurants as well as the basis for most of our catering events.
Baba Ganoush
Bread beans prepared in various styles, such as tahini yogurt beans or olive oil lemon beans
Cardamom tomato butterbeans
Traditional syrian lebanese dish made from bulgur, spices and herbs, grinded and mixed (incl. gluten)
Wine leaves rolls
Wine leaves stuffed with rice, fresh herbs and spices, cooked in lemon olive oil tomato sauce. Can also be done meat version.
Marinated grilled vegetable
Freshly grilled marinated paprika, zucchini, mushrooms and eggplant


Traditional east Mediterranean salad based on parsley with tomatoes, bulgur, onions, mint, olive oil and lemon. This dish includes gluten (bulgur).
Beetroot mushroom arugula salad
Potato salad
Potatoes, tomatoes, red onions, parsley, spring onions, mint, caprice
Typical Syrian Lebanese salad with mixed herbs and freshly cut vege, spiced with sumac mint olive oil and topped with fried Arabic bread
Variation of green salads, such as olives, feta, artichoke, goat cheese or tomato salad
Chicken salad
Roast beef salad

Warm dishes

Any variation of warm dishes (meat and vegetarian) is possible according to your wishes. Here you can find some of our selection.
Lentils soup, tomato basil soup, chanterelle soup
Grinded chickpeas, spiced with oriental spices, coriander, onions and sesame seeds, deep fried in hot oil
Spinach (meat or natural)
Fresh spinach leaves cooked in coriander, grenadine sauce, lemon sauce
Moussaka (vegetarian or meat)
Roasted eggplant cooked in fresh tomato garlic basil sauce
Chicken Shawerma
Chicken skewer from chicken breast marinated in cardamom yogurt, lemon skin, vinegar sauce, grilled on open fire
Shish Kebab
Minced meat mixed with fresh parsley, coriander, onions, spiced with oriental spices grilled on open fire
Tomatoes ginger Kufta
Spiced minced meat poles cooked in tomatoes ginger sauce
Tahina Grenadine Kufta
Spiced minced meat cooked in tahina grenadine sauce
Fatteh (chicken / meat / natural)
Crispy Arabic breads mixed with cooked chickpeas and with your choice (chicken, meat, natural) topped with spiced tahini yogurt sauce and roasted pine and cashew.
Lamb tagine
Lamb Meat in Yogurt Saffron Sauce
Lamb meat cooked in yogurt saffron sauce
Cumin Spiced Salmon Fish
Salmon fillet marinated in lemon skin cumin sauce baked in hot oven
Herbal Salmon Fish
Salmon fillet baked with fresh mixed herbs, served with fresh spring onions yogurt sauce
Spicy Grilled Salmon Fish
Salmon fish fillet spiced with mixed oriental spices grilled on open fire


Examples of our most popular pastries and sweets
Chocolate cake filled with orange jam (also available vegan)
All our dishes are lactose free and most of them can be done gluten free. For example our genuine crispy homemade falafels are gluten free.

Let the fresh and original Middle Eastern taste make your event memorable!

We look forward to catering for you and being part of making your event absolutely unforgettable!

Please call us for any catering inquiries or contact us by email or contact form.

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